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Job Description

Job Title Location Position Type
Systems Software Engineer Irvine, CA Full Time

Job Description

                    Duties and Responsibilities:

 Design, Implementation and Maintenance of Software components and systems

 Implementation of Algorithms, Data Structures, communication modules and system
program elements

 Software Design  and Implementation documentation

                   Desired Training and Experience Required
                   (Training and Experience Commensurate with Position Level):

       Proficiency in developing Software
Good communication skills, both verbal and written
Knowledge of FDA 510(k) approval process and GMP requirements

Experience in the medical device industry, preferably in physiological monitoring
Excellent conceptual, analytical and problem-solving ability
Experience with Analysis, Design and Implementation methodologies based on UML
Programming in C++, Java (J2EE)
Experience with  server and appliance software
Knowledge of networking (Wired IP networks) and communications software systems and wireless
      (802.11, Bluetooth, Zigbee) device  programming techniques Experience with inter process
      communications methods, multi thread programming and long running daemons
Knowledge of systems concepts and architecture including addressing/directories (LDAP),
      security (Encryption, Authentication and Availability), scalability and reliability software engineering
Knowledge of systems management (SNMP, Agent / Management software) Familiarity
      with software engineering concepts (CMM, CMMI, Extreme Programming)