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Job Description

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RFIC Design Engineer San Diego, CA Full Time

Job Description

Requirements: As a member of our extremely talented RFIC development team, you will take a key role in designing/architecting state-of-the-art RF circuitry to realize high performance, fully integrated broadband RF Systems on a chip.

MSEE with 2-5 years practical experience required or 1-3 years with PhD degree.

Technical Competencies 1) Experienced in analogue, mixed signal and RF circuit design: This includes but is not limited to: -Designing telecommunication building blocks such as LNA`s, mixers, synthesizers and PLLs, VCO`s, AGC amplifiers, power detectors and/or power amplifiers and transmitters. -Analog circuit design includes but is not limited to opamp design, regulator design, baseband filter design, xtal oscillator design, A/D and D/A design. -Work with a variety of technologies such as Si and Sige BiCMOS, RFCMOS, GaAS BJT. -Understanding RF system architecture and circuit implementation to minimize cost and maximize performance. 2) Strong analytical and mathematical skills, e.g. Z and S domain analysis, complex small signal circuit analysis, filter analysis etc. 3) Understanding of RF systems and architectures, some understanding of digital communication techniques and methods 4) Understanding of digital design techniques, e.g. DSP and state machines 5) Capable of programming in , e.g. Matlab, C++, ocean, excel, etc. 6) Detailed understanding of all IC technologies, e.g. Si, SiGe, GaAs, CMOS... 7) Detailed understanding of DC and RF transistor modeling 8) In depth knowledge of IC design tools and simulators, e.g. Cadence, ADS, RF spectre, harmonic balance and time domain simulators 9) In depth knowledge of IC layout design and techniques, tools and verification methodologies 10) Proficient in test and measurement techniques, knowledgeable in board design techniques 11) Some knowledge of packaging technologies, board technologies and exotic technologies, e.g. mems, fbar, etc. 12) Ability to translate system requirements into IC design of blocks.