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Job Description

Job Title Location Position Type
Design Center Manager Dubai Full Time

Job Description

1. US employment experience with Semiconductor's company.
2. Technical background either in HW (board or ASIC), SW, or Systems and Applications in the general area of telecommunications (infrastructure for wide area networks).
3. Work experience should have spanned overall product development cycle
4. Management and technical leadership role experience
5. management experience of multifunctional team is preferred
6. full-site site manager experience is preferred
7. Well organized, excellent communication skills, and process oriented.

1. Site manager for company office in Dubai
2. management of multifunctional R&D ENG teams
3. provide discipline and professional work ethics
4. Interacts with US HQ and reports overall status and progress
5. Provide overall ENG guidance to the teams and make sure efficient use of time.
6. Stay on top of the overall (not the details) activities