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Job Description

Job Title Location Position Type
RF Designer Irvine, CA Full Time

Job Description


We seek individuals with expertise in the following areas:
a. Analog-to-Digital Conversion (high-resolution >10b, high data-rate >100MHz)
b. Radio-Frequency (RF) front-end
c. Phase-Locked Loop (high-frequency - GHz, wide-range >40%)
d. Baseband system (filtering, DC offset control)
e. Analog Built-In Self-Test/Calibration
f. Digital-to-Analog Conversion (high data-rate).

Qualifications Include:
1. Successful product experience (designs gone into full-scale production)
2. Participation in silicon production (yield enhancements, field corrections)

Responsibilities include:
1. Deliver and schedule design tasks.
2. Provide technical guidance and leadership.
3. Assess and summaries technical and technological risk and justify choices.
4. Investigate architectural circuit options and compare relative merits.
5. Research, suggest, create, investigate and review circuit design options
6. Create, simulate, and incorporate appropriate non-ideal effects into system models.
7. Understand, identify, and quantify non-idealities in circuit and physical design and provide
corrective guidance.